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Developed with leading global machine learning and artificial intelligence to assess vital parameters in prevention of wellness imbalances

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MARUX™ Medical Access Response (MAR)

MARUX™ Medical Access Response (MAR)

BIRMINGHAM, Mich.Aug. 19, 2021PRLog — Marux, Inc. announced the launch of Medical Access Response Software (MARS), an innovative app that enables users to self-monitor six primary health vital parameters (blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate, heart rate variability, stress level and blood pressure) through any smartphone or personal computer video camera. It is one of the only few solutions worldwide capable of making use of facial tracking and advanced biometric technology.

Through (MARS), MARUX enhances its software as a medical device (SaMD) while the development concludes with an emergency physical vitals application as the core service addressing remote patient monitoring and real-time physical assessments, strengthening the company’s role as an emerging medical technology software. After the initial MARS launch in the U.S.A. during the second quarter 2021, Marux will explore options to extend the geographic scope to key markets in Europe and the Middle-East. With its’ award-winning technology applies a unique mix of signal processing and artificial intelligence technologies to extract and analyze a video stream taken from the upper cheek region of a human face, and then convert it into medical-grade accurate vital signs measurements. “The European market is at the forefront of healthcare’s digital transformation, and we look forward to the opportunity that our vital signs monitoring capabilities can provide to those who access the application,” adds M. Tabboush, Senior Vice President of Operations for Europe and Middle-East.

“With our digital development and successes in clinical trials, we see the digital transformation of healthcare vital signs monitoring to significantly leveraged in servicing customers’ preventative healthcare needs,” said Jonathan Lightning Rayos, Founder and CEO of Marux, Inc. “We see MARS as a unique innovation in the field of digital preventive healthcare and artificial intelligence which will be adding additional access to our remote patient monitoring and physical assessments focal point,” adds Michael D’Orazio, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

About MARUX™

MARUX, Inc. is a software as a medical device (SaMD)company dedicated to advancing the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the remote medical monitoring, medical diagnostics, and emergency medical services channels. The company is focused on augmented reality (AR), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI), for remote diagnostics through telematics, and remote monitoring software application in medical healthcare. MARUX™ is leveraging multiple partnerships across automotive, transportation, emergency medical services (EMS), hospitals, healthcare providers, medical insurance, and technology solutions providers, to develop and commercialize its SaMD in North America, as well as into international regions. The Medical Access Response (MAR) software as a medical device is focused on serving the digital transformation healthcare and wellness safety needs of organizations.


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