The AML Shop partners with ACAMS to support Training for Anti-Financial Crime Professionals in Canada — The AML Shop

Under a partnership agreement with ACAMS, The AML Shop will offer training to prepare candidates for the gold-standard Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) certification program in Canada.


TORONTOAug. 24, 2021PRLog — As part of its effort to bolster anti-financial crime (AFC) compliance for banks and other institutions, The AML Shop has partnered with ACAMS to provide Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) certification training to professionals working in the Canadian financial sector, and promote the Certified AML FinTech Compliance Associate (CAFCA) program. The globally-recognized certifications are widely used for AFC compliance at traditional financial institutions, designated non-financial businesses and professions (DNFBPs), and FinTech firms.

The most sought-after credential for anti-money laundering (AML) professionals around the world, CAMS serves as a global benchmark for compliance knowledge and training in the the AFC space. CAMS applicants must demonstrate their knowledge of how to effectively safeguard their institutions against illicit finance, including transactions linked to money laundering, terrorism financing, sanctions evasion, fraud and bribery. Successful candidates must complete a timed examination and maintain their credential with continuing education to support their career path as an AFC professional.

The CAFCA certification, which was launched last December, is designed to strengthen the compliance toolkit of FinTech personnel involved in financial-crime prevention at the entry level. This includes personnel working at FinTech firms that operate as prepaid card issuers, Payment Service Providers, neo-banks, Insuretech companies, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer organizations, among other businesses in the sector. CAFCA applicants must train on governance and regulations, customer due diligence controls, transaction monitoring best practices, investigatory procedures, regulatory reporting and other topics. To attain the accreditiation candidates must also pass the CAFCA certification exam, which tests the ability of applicants to apply the knowledge of their training to real-life, contextualized scenarios.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with ACAMS to offer CAMS training and promote CAFCA to AFC professionals in the Canadian market,” said Matthew McGuire, co-founder and practice leader of The AML Shop. “These are highly regarded credentials, fundamental to the development of industry best practices in AFC compliance as it adapts to new technologies and methods.”

“As institutions everywhere continue to face the threats posed by a historic rise in fraud and other illicit finance that law enforcement officials have identified over the past 18 months, having a strong compliance program has never been more important,” said Scott Liles, president and managing director of ACAMS.

In addition to their accreditations, successful applicants will receive an ACAMS membership, as well as access to certain content published via,, ACAMS webinars, forum discussions and ACAMS newsletters.

About The AML Shop:
The AML Shop empowers businesses with a wide breadth of practical, informed and strategic regulatory support services. Founded in Toronto, our Canadian expert AML team specializes in helping clients manage their risk, maximize opportunities and achieve and maintain compliance. Advisory services can be as simple as a quick assessment or as tailored as you need us to be with program re-design, training, digital KYC innovations, systems reviews, outsourcing and compliance effectiveness testing to validate success.

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