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Clarity Kit is reviving the lost skill of introspection and empowering you to walk your own path



Clarity Kit is reviving the skill of introspection

Clarity Kit is reviving the skill of introspection

LONDONAug. 25, 2021PRLog — Clarity Kit, the home of DIY introspection for brave pathfinders, is now available in the UK. Clarity Kit aims at reviving the lost skill of introspection. It helps you understand yourself deeply, and give your life a clear direction that is right for you. The process guides an honest conversation with yourself, clearing out your mental clutter, and helping design a life that makes you happy. Three solutions are available for anyone in need of clarity: The Clarity Kit, a two-day DIY introspection retreat that accompanies you through a personal self-discovery journey; the Clarity Key, the introspection guide that helps you start a deep conversation with yourself; and the Clarity Journal, a daily introspection ritual to make impactful improvements to your day-to-day life.

Clarity Kit was founded by Julie Vandermeulen and Carlien Cavens, with a clear vision: that the world will be a brighter place when everyone walks their own path. Research by the founders found that 91% of their target audience felt a lack of clarity in 2020, with 64% of them finding mental clarity essential for a happy life. They reported mainly wanting to find clarity about their careers, relationships and personal purpose. Therefore Clarity Kit offers affordable tools that help people find clarity about who they are and what is true for them.

Introspection is a path that the founders took themselves. About four years ago, Julie and Carlien were living picture perfect lives. But something didn’t feel right. Those “perfect lives” felt like pretend lives, that were based on what the founders now call the “Little Book of Expectations”. After realising they hardly remembered who they truly were, and finding only complexity in the outside world, Julie and Carlien turned their attention inwards. With introspection, they reconnected with who they truly are, and found the clarity to redesign their lives for happiness. Not picture perfect, but unique and fulfilling.

The Clarity Kit introspection process was based on personal experience and Carlien’s professional experience organising introspection retreats for business leaders. “Close friends insisted that I share the secret behind my quarterly introspection weekends,” says Julie Vandermeulen, co-founder of Clarity Kit. “But in fact, the last thing we want is to keep introspection a secret. We want the whole world to practice introspection. That’s why we created Clarity Kit.”

The Clarity Kit allows for a personal introspection journey over the course of two days. It includes a planner, a preparation guide with directions and advice, a workbook, a Clarity Poster to define your path ahead, a worksheet, a “modern day’s Pandora’s box” to hide your phone from sight, healthy brain-food recipes for meal-prepping, a timer to help you keep track of time during your retreat, and a pen made of biodegradable materials.

The Clarity Key, a lighter version of the Clarity Kit, features a workbook that lets you create your own self-discovery moments when it suits you, as well as the Clarity poster.

The Clarity Journal makes personal growth a priority, with 5 daily clarity questions to understand yourself better, and a weekly review to define small steps towards a happier life. It repeats this process over 30 days – the time it takes to make real changes.

“We offer an affordable alternative to life coaching,” says Carlien Cavens, co-founder of Clarity Kit. “Our solutions guide you through a deep introspection process  to find the answers that are already inside of you, without the need for another person.”

For more information about Clarity Kit, or to start your introspection journey, visit


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