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Soil Stabilization Treats the Cause of Most Foundation Problems in the Austin, Texas Area



Soil Stabilization by Douglas Foundation Services

Soil Stabilization by Douglas Foundation Services


AUSTIN, TexasAug. 28, 2020PRLog — Douglas Foundation Solutions, a respected Austin-based foundation repair firm, has announced a new service in its portfolio of foundation solutions. Already well-known for its innovative foundation pier solutions, the company recently began offering soil stabilization, a service designed to correct the root cause of many foundation problems and mitigate foundation movement.

Austin, Texas lies in the middle of a deposit of expansive clay soil that has a high swelling potential, expanding like a sponge when activated by rain. When clay soil dries, it shrinks, creating gaps and unevenness beneath home foundations. Over time, this seasonal movement of the soil can cause serious foundation problems that can damage the structural soundness of homes and businesses. Often the first signs to indicate that a homeowner’s foundation is moving are cracks that appear in drywall, sticking doors and windows, and sagging or uneven floors.

Once the foundation is damaged, foundation piers are frequently installed beneath the home or business to ensure the structure is stable and supports the building above.

“We always recommend that customers in our area get soil stabilization service if their building lies on top of clay soil,” said  Douglas Plauché, Founder and President of Douglas Foundation Solutions. “The best part about soil stabilization is that we can perform the service before our customer’s foundation is damaged. This in many cases can prevent costly repairs in the future, and gives the property owner peace of mind that the soil below the foundation has been treated against the damaging effects of swelling soil.”

To break the shrink/swell cycle of clay soil and stabilize the soil around foundations, driveways, pools and walkways, an environmentally inert, non-toxic treatment liquid is injected into the soil at precise injection points to provide perimeter coverage. This liquid penetrates deep into the ground, changing the molecular structure of the clay and preventing it from attracting water molecules. Swell capacity and moisture movement is dramatically reduced and strength performance of the soil is increased. These changes are permanent, and can mitigate further foundation movement by up to 88%. Soil stabilization can also be paired with foundation piers to provide added protection against seasonal movement. Douglas’ soil treatments come with a 10-year transferable warranty.

“In the Austin area, I wouldn’t want to own a home that didn’t have this treatment applied around the perimeter of the foundation. Foundation damage in ourarea is just a matter of time,” Douglas said. “That’s why we recommend treatment for any home that is built upon clay soil. We also recommend that whenever a home goes up for sale, all home buyers and home sellers should insist on having this treatment done to protect against future problems. It’s an easy and inexpensive no-dig solution that helps the sale move smoothly and eases buyer’s concerns.”

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About Douglas Foundation Repair

Douglas Foundation Repair is a foundation repair contractor based in Austin, Texas. The firm offers complete foundation repair services, including soil stabilization, concrete piers, pier & beam systems, steel piers and helical piers. Douglas Foundation Services is dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction, and each of their foundation solutions comes with a transferable warranty.


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