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SOUTHWARK, U.K.Aug. 11, 2021PRLog — Lockdown has affected us all. To survive we have been forced (kicking and screaming) to adopt new ways of doing things. The world has simultaneously sped up and slowed down. Speeded up meaning whole categories of jobs have disappeared overnight. Slowed down- drastically – in both footfall and turnover. New approaches to supporting individuals are needed for the times in which we live. Just like Darwin theorized, humanity has become a living petri dish. We either evolve or die. The health and wellbeing of all of us have been stretched to near breaking point. Medical appointments have been cancelled; those who are fortunate, are on furlough, those who are not, were made redundant (trained airline pilots have been delivering supermarket groceries for a living). Evolution means learning new skills, (becoming computer literate), using and mastering Zoom, learning how to structure your day and home-schooling children. I bet you no longer believe being a Teacher is a doddle! For many of us, this involves self-improvement by getting fit, healthy eating, setting goals and giving back to our communities by helping vulnerable children. There is nowhere to hide, monitoring software doesn’t take a break. For the first time in years, we are neighborhood-centric. We not only clapped for the NHS, but we waved to our neighbours; we went to the supermarket for the pensioner down the road. However, sleepless nights still abound, mental strain has increased significantly – as the mortgage or the rent still needs to be paid. We no longer get up with the sparrows and, run for the bus and train. We are surrounded by the four walls with no family. The brooding urge has become as loud as Big Ben at noon. We have come to prioritise that which is most important. Like Dom Toretto said in, “The Fast and The Furious” there is nothing more important than “family”. Statistically, many families are headed by matriarchs many of whom are over the age of fifty. The wider community now realise that their neighbours of colour are like the Cullinan Diamond or at the very least a secluded beach at their favourite holiday spot – something of an open secret: where you kick off your shoes on entry to their house; during the summer there is always at least one bottle of ice-cold water in the fridge and you are guaranteed to have a good time and a full stomach at any of their relatives wedding reception. Black families bring a richness and diversity to their community and beyond, that has not been fully appreciated or utilized. Black women experience the same wellbeing issues as other women. However, what makes our experiences unique is that historically, for the majority we have held low paid jobs as parents while raising our families. And, just like other females in the population some have life-changing chronic healthcare issues, others are in career transition and many thousands have the burning desire to start their own businesses. The purpose of the event is to bring together those families that need support with the practitioners who can help them. Hence, the event will help raise vital funds via online raffle to support and deliver appropriate services for families going through the red tape and legal minefield of adoption. Panel Coordinator: Cllr Patsy Cummings, Race Equality Champion for Croydon; Tessa Sanderson CBE; Viveen Taylor Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (Sport England); Laurie O’Garro (The Catch Up Talks); Godfrina Mckoy, Author (Affective Prayer) Sue Armstrong Brown (Adoption UK). Come to the Woman World Today Expo and help us make a positive impact by tackling the barriers and challenges faced by Black women.


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