A House For Less Than The Price Of A Compact Car? — Houdini Housing

Houdini Housing is a direct importer of unique and affordable tiny homes. There are 4 models to choose from: a tiny floating boathouse and a trailerable model.


MIDDLETOWN, N.J.July 8, 2021PRLog — Houdini Housing, a Florida based company, has just released its new website featuring four models of tiny homes and offices.  These homes are termed “Magical Pop-Up Homes” by the company because they are shipped 7.5 ft wide by 20 ft long and magically unfold to 399 square ft… about the size of a New York City studio apartment.   The tiny homes come 90% complete and can be assembled in under a day by two people with no special tools or know-how.  And the cost is only $17,995 plus shipping… less than the price of a new compact car.

Finding a place to put a tiny home can be daunting, so Houdini came up with a trailerable model to take advantage of the thousands of RV parks around the county and a floating version to utilize the 95,000 miles of shoreline, lakes and rivers in the US.  This is unique to the industry.

Houdini Housing is the brainchild of Bill Breakstone, a serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in business and real estate development.  Mr. Breakstone became interested in the idea 5 years ago when looking for housing solutions for his mobile home park.  “I really liked the idea of container homes, but by the time you finished building one out, it was as expensive as purchasing a new mobile home” says Breakstone.  “I discovered these expandable homes overseas and thought: how cool is this?…  they come complete with electrical, plumbing and fixtures and anyone can assemble one in no time; and it’s large enough to live in!   It’s DIY’ers dream” remarked Breakstone.

In an industry where the average custom tiny home is over $75,000, Houdini homes start at less then $20,000.  “Don’t let the low-price fool you” says Breakstone, “These homes are very well made from steel and compact foam insulated walls with a higher R isolation factor than most stick and sheetrock tiny homes.  They won’t rot, burn or be eaten by termites and can last a lifetime,” says Breakstone.

Breakstone describes his company as a logistics company that sells tiny homes.  “We deliver a custom-made product from half a world away to the client’s doorstep without them having to deal with the many touch-points along the way.  We will even install and finish out the home at their location” says Breakstone.

As the tiny home movement continues to be fueled by reality TV shows, Baby Boomers and Millennials searching for affordable housing, the Houdini Pop-Up, Drive, Aqua and Castle fills an important need for a tiny home that is affordable and yet very livable.

For more information on Houdini tiny homes, go to: www.houdinihousing.com or call Gabriel Breakstone at (239) 692-1707


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