1000 schools now improving math scores with Formative Loop — Formative Loop, Inc.



AUSTIN, TexasOct. 29, 2017PRLog — In a significant milestone for the Austin based company, Formative Loop announced that it is now working with over 1000 schools to improve their math scores.  The four-year-old company was excited to see such phenomenal growth and continues to expand.

One of the founders, Dustin Friesenhahn, said, “Our goal has always been to make a positive impact on as many students as we can.  To keep our cost to schools low, we spend very little on advertising.  I am proud to say the majority of our growth has been through word of mouth and educators sharing their experience.”

Formative Loop has had multiple success stories in the elementary and middle schools that they serve.  Students in the program practice essential math skills daily using pencil and paper.  The technology makes it possible for the practice to be unique for each student’s skill level. Teachers use the Formative Loop website to track their class, print each day’s exercise, and best focus their instructional time.

Mary wfv Noble, a principal from Gross Elementary in Victoria, Texas said, “Formative Loop has made such a difference on our campus. It allows teachers and staff to target specific areas of need for each child. Teachers utilize the immediate, targeted data to pinpoint student struggles in math.”

The pace of schools adopting the program reflects the focus on better preparing students for future careers in STEM.  Foundational math skills are essential to higher level problem-solving.


About Formative Loop, Inc.
Formative Loop, Inc. is an educational software company helping students master foundational math skills. Founded by two engineers married to two teachers, the company has a focus on making products which fit into today’s classroom. The Formative Loop math program has shown dramatic results in state testing and student confidence in overall mathematical capabilities.


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