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WOBURN, Mass.Nov. 21, 2017PRLog — With the motto to empower brands and professionals, Technology Mindz has come up with its brand new ‘Rate Me’ App. It has an extremely responsive design making a user-friendly on-screen presence. One of its unique features include the SEO-friendly review that an app or any brand scores on basis of the organic Google search results, showing top 5 reviews on ‘Home Page’.

The cohesive dashboard panel exclusively designed for the admin, further makes the supervising process all the more productive. With the launch of this review app on Shopify, the brand has made it accessible to global customers. The app has undoubtedly established a trust factor among the users as well as the buyers further driving more traffic and conversion rates onto the website.

Now reviewing an app is no more hassle- the backend dashboard panel of ‘Rate Me’ goes easy on filtering, editing, publishing and managing reviews and that too in bulk. Besides evaluating, this app also shares product/app reviews on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It would not be wrong to say that ‘Rate Me’ is by far the best review app for Shopify.

Why to choose ‘Rate Me’?

Summing up its prominent features of this application (app):

– Adding a responsive and appealing design to app reviews

– Enabling a brand to promote SEO-friendly review scores even on the organic Google search engine results

– Easing the mechanism of publishing, filtering, editing and managing wfv reviews in bulk via an integrated Backend Dashboard Panel

– Sharing reviews on social media automatically post approval

– Showing the Top 5 reviews on the Home Page

Why to choose Technology Mindz for App Development?

Benefits of having Technology Mindz as your application developer:

– Adds intuitive and immediate customer review to your product

– Generates reviews in bulk in order to boost sales and brand loyalty

– Shares product reviews instantly on channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Technology Mindz makes a brand’s app review very organized, hassle free and most importantly manageable.

For more details on the ‘Rate Me’ Review App now available on Shopify, visit right away! Become a Technology Mindz partner or submit your app for review on ‘Rate Me’. Start Developing! Start Growing.


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