German Canter for Research and Innovation (DWIH): Hidden Champions – an Engine for Economic Success — German Center for Research and Innovation

Panel hosted on May 3rd, 2018 by DWIH, EUCOR- The European Campus, and the ESMT Berlin


NEW YORKApril 27, 2018PRLog — Small and midsize companies and corporations dominate the German economic landscape and serve as backbone for a resilient and stable market. Long-term business strategies tend to motivate business decisions rather than chasing short-term shareholder value. Specialized enterprises, known only to an initiated few, dominate the world market with expertise and quality, rather than household brands with massive corporate structures. The US private sector and the academe are increasingly aware of this fundamental systemic difference. What can the two economic powerhouses on both sides of the Atlantic learn from one another? Where is the room for cooperation? What are the long term effects of this dynamic? On the US side, researchers at the Stern School of Business at NYU have been examining these questions for a long time. On the German side, the Hidden Champions Institute at the Management School ESMT Berlin is hitting the global stage of economic research and consultancy.

What better way to highlight challenges and opportunities of the Hidden Champions model, than to test is against two of the most cutting-edge technologies and their trail of start-ups, small and mid-size businesses and industries. With best use cases from the areas of Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence the panel discussion will examine the economic, scientific and societal foundations of our transatlantic relationship.…


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