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Coronavirus COVID-19 Confirmed Diagnosis Totals by Counties (Located in MI, PA, TX, WV, KS, AL, WA and NY)






CHICAGOMarch 26, 2020PRLog — NOTE: Enigma Forensics President Lee Neubecker is available for questions on the newly available data analysis via Zoom briefing on Friday 11:00AM Central. Email Kitty Kurth kitty@kurthlampe.com to participate or inquire further.

Enigma Forensic’s Data Analyst and Cyber Security Expert Lee Neubecker has identified top emerging Counties in the U.S. that should consider implementing immediate shelter at home because of the alarming rate of change in new COVID-19 cases. Some of these Counties may not yet know they are approaching rapidly escalating outbreaks. Neubecker has been taking a deeper dive on the most recent Coronavirus stats identifying the emerging at risk Counties. Neubecker was way ahead of reports that President Trump has called for classifying Coronavirus risk County by County and began working on this analysis yesterday.

In an effort to better inform the public about the spread of COVID-19, Enigma Forensics, a Chicago based Computer Forensics, eDiscovery and Cyber Security firm that specializes in performing complex data analytics, has developed a data model to perform more meaningful comparisons of the latest data released and compiled by John Hopkins University to their GitHub Repository.

Beginning on March 23rd, 2020 more robust reporting by U.S. County became available. Enigma Forensics forensic data analysts have matched this data up to population estimates detailed by County and obtained from the U.S. Census estimate as of July 1, 2019. The latest compilation of data shows the average daily rate of increase in Coronavirus confirmed cases. The top ranked Counties should immediately take action to curtail further rampant growth of the Coronavirus.

Disclaimer: There remain issues with matching up some of the Counties that use a different naming convention in reporting compared to the naming convention used by the U.S. Census. As such, some Counties reflecting no population will be updated as this data is refined.

These U.S. Counties Need to take Prompt Action to Curtail the Spread
of Coronavirus COVID-19

List updated with data released as of 3/25/2020. The list includes only Counties that have 10 or more cases confirmed. The list has been sorted based on the computed average daily growth rate from 3/23/2020 -> 3/25/2020 based on the John Hopkins University daily County transaction data posted to Github.

The ten Counties with the fastest daily growth rate that have surpassed 10 positive test confirmations include:

• Jackson County, MI with 550% daily change
• Dauphin County, PA with 450% daily change
• Nueces County, TX with 450% daily change
• Monongalia County, WV 350.00% daily change
• Sedgwick County, KS with 225% daily change
• Chambers County, AL 200% daily change
• Mobile County, AL 200% daily change
• Kittitas County, WA with 175% daily change
• Broome County, NY with 133.3% daily change
• Ulster County, NY with 130.5% daily change

The link to the chart with the rest of Counties and their COVID-19 growth rate is here:



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