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Dr. Courtney Dookie provides practical and transformational strategies to his clientele throughout North America



Dr Courtney Dookie

Dr Courtney Dookie


EDMONTON, AlbertaAug. 3, 2020PRLog — Renowned Provisional Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Courtney Dookie, is blazing new trails in his industry while providing practical and transformational strategies to his clientele throughout North America

Dr. Dookie is a highly sought-after thought leader in his field and his loyal client base looks to him for trusted counsel and sage advice. His enthusiastic approach to modern psychology is paired with his vast knowledge regarding neuroplasticity and biblical meditation practices.

Dr. Dookie is married to Sania Dookie, and they have two beautiful children, Raziela and Mikael. He is a Registered Provisional Clinical Psychologist with Alberta College of Psychologist and a member of the Psychologist Association of Alberta.  He is passionate about helping individuals find real transformation and renewing of their minds. He is the founder of Mind Renewal Ministry and currently serves as a clinical psychologist in his private practice Dookies’ Psychological Services in Northern Alberta. He has his Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis on developmental trauma. He achieved his BA in Theology at Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica, and MA in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada. Dr. Dookie has been providing individuals and couples therapy since 2012. He specializes in developmental trauma, addiction, and mental disorders.

As the world grapples with the onslaught of a relentless global pandemic, Dr. Dookie faces this life-threatening issue head on with his new eBook, “Seven Brain Benefits of Biblical Meditation for Regulating Emotions During COVID-19“. In this informative eBook he provides readers with prolific insights and transformative tactics.

“I believe that the current events that are unfolding all around the world are setting the stage for seismic change for our global community. It is no longer business as usual and we must be malleable if we want to survive—and thrive. COVID has been a tremendous catalyst for change. That said, the “new normal” is our reality and we must embrace it”, said Dr. Dookie.

Dr.  Courtney Dookie is a speaker, coach, and mentor for over 17 years. He does workshops and seminars on the following topics: How God designs the mind, parenting your child’s mind, healing the mind and brain through biblical Meditation, how prayer transforms the mind, and God’s plan to restore the mind the ten principles for mind growth. He is the author of two books, Neuroplasticity: Healing the Brain from Psychological Disorders through Biblical Meditation and Christian Contemplative Meditation Practice: How Biblical Contemplative Practice Facilitates Neuroplasticity in Adults who have Experienced Developmental Trauma.

His new book, “Neuroplasticity: Healing from Psychological Disorders through Biblical Meditation” is set to be released this Fall. The book discusses the utilization of biblical contemplative practice in facilitating neuroplasticity in adults who experience psychological disorders. It examines psychological disorder from four perspectives, these are: spiritual faculty, physiological faculty, psychological faculty, and relational faculty. These four faculties are the foundation of the mind. Having chaos or rigidity in any one faculty will lead to disintegration in the central nervous system, which inevitably leads to mental distress. This book demonstrates from scientific research how to use prayer and Biblical meditation to heal the brain from psychological distress, such as trauma, anxiety, depression, and addictions.

Dr. Dookie is putting his own principles into practice to ensure that he is positive, productive and prosperous amid the pandemic!

To learn more about Dr. Courtney Dookie and his new books, visit:


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